Potato, Sausage and Kale Soup.

5 Minutes
40-45 Minutes

2 bunches Kale, picked cleaned and torn into bite-sized pieces
10 Red Potatoes (or your choice), Thinly sliced
1-1/2 pound Italian Sausage
1 whole Onion, Chopped
1/2 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes (more To Taste)
2 cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth
2 cups Whole Milk
4 cups Half-and-half (or equal parts of milk and cream)
Splash Of Heavy Cream
Fresh Or Dried Oregan
Black Pepper and salt to taste

Pick and clean kale (or any veggie of your choice)and set it aside. 
In a pot, boil sliced potatoes until tender, drain water from the potato and set aside. 
In another pot, crumble and brown the Italian sausage( or your choice of sausage) drain the fat as you can, add the oregano, chicken broth,  milkred pepper flakes, and half-and-half. Let it simmer for 30 minutes.
Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Add the potatoes, a splash of heavy cream for richness, also stir in the kale. Simmer for a few minutes and serve.
kale is naturally tough needs so it needs to be massaged.  Once you tore it into bite-sized, add a little olive oil, salt, and lemon juice (lemon is optional). then use your hand(s) to massage for a minute or two. The fibers break down, and the kale becomes softer.


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